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Welcome to the A Cheng District of Harbin City People's Government
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¡¡¡¡Acheng is an important industrial town in Heilongjiang, with 68 above-scale enterprises and more than 5000 small and medium-sized enterprises, preliminarily forming an industrial development pattern supported by such industries as mines, steel, building material cement, food and medicine, equipment manufacturing, new energy materials and intensive timber processing. In recent years, with the completion and operation of pillar projects with investment amounts over £¤1 billion, such as AB Food and Yatai Cement, the optimization and upgrade of the process structure of Acheng Steel, construction commencement of pull-type projects, such as Longjiang Wood Industry Park and 400000-Ton Qingdao Beer and completion of such high-quality high-efficiency projects as Sanhe Tubular Pile and Zhongda Road and Bridge, the industrial economy of the whole district is showing a vigorous development trend featuring numerous projects, large investment amounts and rapid growth. Acheng has been constantly perfecting the infrastructure construction in the economic development zone with the zone¡¯s carrying capacity and service capacity on the constant increase, with the number of the enterprises that have settled in the zone reaching up to 99, including 32 above-scale enterprises. Currently, in order to build the development zone into a state-level economic development zone, Acheng has constructed ¡°One Zone, Three Parks¡±, constantly providing enterprises with a service platform featuring high efficiency, fast speed and high quality. In 2012, the above-scale industrial enterprise of Acheng District completed an cumulative output value of £¤9.82 billion, up 12.8%, compared with the same period of previous year, with growth rate ranked 2nd among 8 districts of Harbin, completed an added value of £¤1.89 billion, up 7.8%, compared with the same period of previous year, with growth rate ranked 3rd among 8 districts of Harbin, and completed industrial fixed asset investment of £¤13.4 billion, up 25%, compared with the same period of previous year.
¡¡¡¡Acheng District has 17 enterprises with sales income more than £¤100 million and they are Acheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Xilin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Harbin Gangfei Foundry Co., Ltd., Harbin Jinshan Industrial Group Co., LTD, Yatai Group (Acheng) Co., Ltd., Harbin Sanling Cement Co., Ltd., Harbin Xiaoling Cement Co., Ltd., Harbin Huajia New Materials Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Yuquan Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., Harbin Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd., AB (Harbin) Food Additive Co., Ltd., Harbin Churin Leadfoods Co., Ltd., Harbin Xin North Power Plant Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Acheng Relay Co., Ltd. of Harbin Electrical Group, Heilongjiang Suibao Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Harbin Acheng Electric Power Bureau, Heilongjiang Difeng Longdi Co, Ltd., and Harbin Renhuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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